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three simple words

October 31, 2009


halloween is such a blessed day. how often do you stumble across free chocolate everywhere? the mastermind who invented this clever holiday ranks second in my book to the man who invented the hokey pokey. treats by the handful… oh such a lovely exchange for three simple words. if only we could apply this concept to all of life’s most wondrous things.

wait a minute, perhaps i should think that through all the way. actually, if i could run a business on two little words i would. those two little words **thank you** have been the driving force behind my business. but until i figure out how to pay my landlord, my talented artists and the electric company (in addition to the countless other bill collectors at the door) i just cannot give away the sage creek goodies in exchange for gratitude. but if you think of a way i could make this possible… please please please share the wealth of your knowledge. but for today, let’s just all enjoy the free chocolate.

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