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how do you define…

January 6, 2010


the power of one

December 9, 2009

i am so proud of myself… i purchased my very first christmas present of the year. nothing like shopping early right? oh, and i must confess that i am ALSO the recipient of this marvelous gift. please don’t judge… i know firsthand that i’m not the only one to treat myself to a little gift now and again. as a shopkeeper, i work an unbelievable amount of hours, which requires a diet stock-full of coffee and chocolate. so if you think my choice to open sage creek next door to a starbucks was pure coincidence, you underestimate my need for a good mocha.

while i was waiting in line, my eyes were drawn to the words in this lovely little book called “one”

INSPIRATION… the greatest gift. oh, how true those words just may be. for i was one of the lucky twenty women to participate in an inspired evening hosted by my friend kasey. we have these special, blessed moments in life, the ones that seem so perfect, they feel almost like a daydream. well this was one of those evenings… an evening full of magnificent, beautiful women sharing their gifts and their passion with one another. for pictures and details of this beautiful event, please visit kasey’s blog.

(and thank you to my new favorite photographer, ms. kimberly taylor of mimi charmante, for capturing what she so sweetly refers to as my “most expressive” moments! i think that is just another way of saying i’m difficult to photograph.)

dreaming in public

December 7, 2009

being a shopkeeper has truly been a learning experience, and every day new lessons readily present themselves. after nine years, there is one lesson i should have learned… and that is to never count my chickens before they hatch. i was so excited to share the launch of the website with you today, but as you can tell i’m a whole 7 days behind in my countdown (and for good reason).

well friends… i’ll try to put this as delicately as possible. as shocking as the news may be… our web designer has so graciously abandoned our design project by writing us a dear john letter saying… “better luck next time.” and since she’s run off into the night with our whole website investment fund… i’ve been staying up into the wee hours of the night trying to teach myself html, css and java. but truth be told… its a struggle learning chinese in just a week. i’m trying my best, but needless to say, our website launch will temporarily be delayed until i can teach myself a very complicated new language.

but i don’t want to be the bearer of only bad news. so, even though our website has not found its launch pad, we still want to keep our promise to do a great giveaway today. with the help of my three little shopkeepers-in-training, we have randomly selected the twelve winners of the sage creek $20 giftcard giveaway. our winners are: tracie, bev, beth perry, barb hutchins, kathy, candy, kristin, dust jacket attic, lulu, shelley in sc, lindsay and robyn becker. thanks for participating ladies… please email me your mailing address to claim your prize.

beautiful words of monique duval

November 30, 2009

photo: oksena tocickaja via behance

as i promised last week, we’ve done a little hunting for you, and unearthed some seriously great gifts for the women in your life. i personally, will be giving at least a dozen of these out this christmas, so if any of my darling friends are reading this post today, please act surprised if one of these lovely journals finds its way under your tree.

… the selection …

(1) That’s the way it is with DREAMS. They scratch at your door. You see them through the PEEP HOLE: a stray dream looking for a HOME. You think it might go away if you ignore it. Wrong. It’s still there when you open the door, SMILING. Wagging its tail. {monique duval}

(2) She’s turning her life into something SACRED: Each breath, a new BIRTH. Each moment a new CHANCE. She bows her head, gathers her dreams from a pure, deep stream and stretches her arms towards the sky. {monique duval}

(3) Then swing your WINDOW open, the one with the FRESH AIR and good eastern light, and watch for WINGS, edges, new BEGINNINGS. {monique duval}

(4) First it begins inside your HEART. Something moves. Then opens. Then frees itself. And now, you feel a rhythm breaking its long SILENCE. This is going to be GOOD… {monique duval}

(5) “Once you get over the FEAR, then it’s a cinch,” she said. And then she leaped into a mountainous and UNEXPLORED region of her HEART. {monique duval}

(6) She decided to FREE herself, DANCE into the wind, CREATE a new language. And birds fluttered around her, writing “YES” in the sky. {monique duval}

(7) Today I had a conversation with my TRUE SELF. She asked me why I had abandoned her, why I had ignored all her constant ADVICE. And then she reminded me of all the things I had FORGOTTEN. And never once did she say, “I TOLD YOU SO.” {monique duval}

(8) Every FRIDAY NIGHT they go out on the town. They wear their STRAPLESS dresses to show off their tattoos, they fling their everyday cares out the window. They split a BEER at the ice house. Their GRANDCHILDREN wonder what the neighbors think. {monique duval}

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

these spirited journals inspire you to explore, imagine and create. perfect for capturing poetry, stories, novels, everyday musings and creative ideas. these lovely little ditties will be available in both our online and main street shops any day now. if you’d like to reserve a copy or two or three or four, please don’t hesitate to contact the shopkeeper… what an inspired gift for only $5.95 each.

fleeting moments of childhood

November 29, 2009

another year is quickly coming to a close, and i cannot help but wish i could put the brakes on time. when i think back to my childhood, i remember long drawn-out summers, filled with a perfect symmetry of adventure and idleness. time was on my side and my days were sluggishly delightful. fast forward twenty-plus years, and its getting harder and harder to recall where the time is slipping to. days pass with anxious fervor as i try to squeeze every last drop i can out of what seems like fleeting moments. i push harder and harder to BE EVERYTHING I WANT TO BE, and to DO EVERYTHING I WANT TO DO, as the clock just keeps mocking my attempts. i keep asking myself what magic secret i was privy to as a young girl that i have since lost knowledge of? how do i go back to the days that flowed like slow molasses through my life?

nothing chronicles the passing of time as much as my three children. every night before bed, i smother them with kisses and lean over to whisper in their ear **please, my sweet baby, don’t grow too much tonight** – which is always followed by a chorus of giggles, as if they understand the passage of time doesn’t allow for such humble requests. and so they grow… inch by inch… mile by mile, and the time won’t pause just because i politely ask it too.

when i was a young, naive mother, i thought i would be able to remember every single moment. how could i not, they were each so precious?!? but over time my memories have begun fading into the distance. i desperately try holding onto the chapters in my mind by lingering and drinking each moment in. and yet, truth be told, i feel the moments slipping by right through the crevices. i’m aware of all the time i’ve lost and the moments i will continue to lose as i try to juggle the fullness of my life. so this holiday, the biggest wish on my list, is that i am able to enjoy all the simple joys of the season with these three sweet babies of mine, and that in so doing i am able to make it as magical and memorable as a mother possibly can.

magical holiday decorating

November 28, 2009

bits and baubles in silver and gold… such a lovely distraction from the to-do lists, the long lines and the other bah-humbugs of the season. i adore a neutral palette anytime of the year, but during the holidays, there is something especially soothing about using tone on tone metallics. one of the most remarkable things about being in a recession is how it makes us all more introspective, even when it comes to our decorating. our pocketbooks may be short on silver and gold, but it’s not impossible to make our homes look stellar this holiday season.
all photos (except sage creek package) were taken by the wonderfully talented chris everard

all it takes is a little thinking outside of the box. at the shop this year, we trimmed our twelve foot christmas tree with etched vintage glassware. so many of us have cabinets filled with china and stemware that has been passed down to us by the beloved people in our lives. now is the time to bring it out and put it to good use. attempt to see things through different eyes to find inspiration this holiday season. just think back to how magical the holidays were when you were a child… <<it’s all the simple things>>… and sometimes it is too easy to lose site of these things as life keeps moving us forward.

it’s okay to swoon

November 27, 2009

after the turkey settles, we have a little tradition in my family called the “christmas wish list”. but since i’m on a shopkeeper’s salary **well** that means a one wish christmas for me. so i’ve decided these beauties must be shared… i can covet from afar knowing that these treasures just might find their place under some other lucky girl’s christmas tree… you lucky, lucky girl.

… the sources …

(1) stewart & brown |  (2) artlabs |  (3) jayson home & garden |  (4) stewart & brown
(5) yellowfield7 |  (6) jayson home & garden |  (7) chie mahara |  (8) honeytree

what’s on your wishlist this year? if it happens to be a **free $20 sage creek giftcard** then please don’t forget to comment on this or any post between now and december 7th, for an entry in our twelve days of christmas giveaway (see previous post for more details).