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a bit of holiday cheer

November 30, 2007


when i was a little girl, this time of year seemed so magical. what i wouldn’t do to gain that perspective again. as an adult we are so grounded in reality that sometimes it is hard to step back and look through the same eyes we did when we were younger. i am so blessed to have three sweet little ones that share their magic with me every day – they keep that fire of possibility burning in me.

hmmm… that started me thinking… what can i do to inspire magic in the lives of others? you know how some days it just takes one little negative thing to make everything go awry. well, i’ve decided that this humble little home of mine (the one i like to call sage creek) will officially be a sanctuary from all things negative. how do you plan to do that, you ask? well, savvy readers, here is what i plan to do… from this day forward, no negative energy will be allowed through those doors. this will be a place of bliss, a place where you can escape your everyday hustle and bustle. of course i cannot do this alone, and trust me this may be a daunting task for even me. i will need your help. i just know that if my life were charged with positive energy, i wouldn’t be able to help but share the magic… to pay it forward.

so as you step outside your door today, think to yourself what would happen if you left all the negative thoughts behind, went out into the world with a skip in your step and just passed on a little bit of that holiday spirit? take a deep breath and just imagine the possibility.

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  1. Kasey permalink
    February 10, 2008 1:43 am

    What a lovely shop you have!It was so nice to meet you in person.KaseyLola B’s Boutique

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