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red is the new black

April 19, 2010
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red tag sale

who doesn’t like a big honkin’ sale now and then? well for us girls at sage creek, a good sale puts a little pep in our step. we admit, it’s fun putting really big red tags with equally big markdowns all over the shop. not only is it pleasant on the eyes, but it also brings good energy and good karma into the shop… because everyone knows that shopping at sage creek is fun, but it’s extra fun when you score a great deal. so hurry in for the best of the best… you’ll find {{ SPECTACULAR SAVINGS }} on select furniture, art, accessories, apparel, jewelry and gifts. if there is something you’ve had your eye on, now would be the time to treat yourself.

all good things must come to an end and this sweet lil sale lasts just TWO WEEKS, so we hope to see you soon!!

spring fling

February 12, 2010

i don’t know about you, but i’m longing for a little sunshine and these cute breezy dresses are sure to banish the humdrums of winter right out of your wardrobe. our spring collection is all about girly details – the little things that make you feel young at heart. ruffles & bows, “oh my”… sweet prints, plaids & stripes. this is just a wee peek at our spring fling collection. aside from a bit of sunshine, what’s on your wishlist this spring?

… the sources …

(1) maeve ruffle cardigan $78 | (2) amelie blouse $74 | (3) level 99 heather jean $75 | (4) willow bag $72 | (5) lawn dress $68 | (6) percy plaid dress $60 | (7) sundance dress $68 | (8) cami bag $120

my life as a farmgirl

February 10, 2010

…{the foolish man seeks happiness in the distance;
the wise grows it under his feet}…
– James Oppenheim –

believe it or not, i come from a long line of farmers (and proudly so). i may not have been born with a green thumb or a fondness for tending livestock, but i do have an innate appreciation for all aspects of farm life. some of my most favorite childhood memories include tire swings, daydreaming under hundred year old oak trees, riding on the tractor alongside my grandfather, sleeping on sheets that were dried outside on the clothesline, drinking water from the pump and standing beside my grandmother in her farmhouse kitchen drying the supper dishes with starched flour sack towels. for me, there’s no greater joy than the sweet simplicity of days spent on the farm. time actually slowed down and the fullness of life could truly be savored in every moment.

after our first little bundle entered into this world, it didn’t take much time before we had our *aha moment*. this little child of ours deserved the best of what the world had to offer… room to run, land to explore, corn to husk, trees to climb. our imaginations went to straight to work. oh, the adventures he would have.

before his first birthday, we became the proud owners of our beloved farm. i distinctly remember the day we brought our parents out to see the house for the very first time. they looked at us like we were out of our minds. what they saw, was an 1830s farmhouse in great need of some TLC, not to mention the bright teal cabinetry and the absence of a working toilet. but what we saw… was pure possibility… our eyes were bright with the vision we had of our family living, loving, growing on this farm. fortunately, our kids could overlook the many imperfections and see what a priceless gift a simple, humble life could be. life is good on the farm

today, the farm is covered in a blanket in snow. it’s one of those days perfect for hibernating in front of the fireplace, reminiscing about our journey and just enjoying the beauty of the landscape that surrounds me. i am so thankful for life’s small blessings… the mossy old shingle roof on the dairy barn, friends of the feathered variety, the perfection of nature, reminders that beauty can be found in unexpected places, a home built for peacocks, a perfect hiding place for hide & seek, my favorite weeping willow -and- “home sweet home” built by my favorite cubscout. isn’t that what life is all about… nesting and loving and growing and living in the moment? may your day be filled with the beauty that surrounds you and may you find perfection in the details!!

photos : copyright sage creek 2010


February 6, 2010

eleven years of living a daydream with my one true love has me feeling a bit sentimental this valentine’s. i know it’s still a week away, but my heart runneth over. i am blessed to live in a world with him by my side.

photo via behance: andrey & lili | song lyrics: adele


he could change the world with his hands behind his back,

you can find him sitting on your doorstep
waiting for a surprise
and he will feel like he’s been there for hours
and you can tell that he’ll be there for life

with eyes that make you melt,
he lends his coat for shelter…
plus he’s there for you
when he shouldn’t be
but he stays all the same,
waits for you,
then sees you through

-xo –

oh what’s that you say, a sale? a BIG sale?

February 4, 2010

photo found via snippet & ink {please visit their blog for more beauty & inspiration}

okay, maybe you are right… maybe, just maybe, i’m jumping the gun a little here. i do know, after all, that it isn’t technically spring quite yet. but here at SAGE CREEK, we’re the kind of people that like to see the glass half full (actually, we like to see it really full, but just for giggles we’ll say half). so, in anticipation of S-P-R-I-N-G, and all the wonderful treasures we have arriving to herald its arrival, we will be celebrating our biggest {{SPRING CLEANING SALE}} ever.

so i know firsthand that there might be a couple of you just waiting, wanting, coveting… that sweet little something-something from our shop. but then your more responsible nature gets a hold of you, shakes you up a bit and says something like “oh, no, you shouldn’t.” well, my friend… “you really should.” because for just three short days that little treasure is on sale, because EVERYTHING (and i mean EVERYTHING) is 20% off this friday, february 5th through sunday, february 7th.

“oh my goodness, oh my goodness.” now that’s what the giddy little voices are saying, aren’t they? because like us, they know this isn’t something that we do round here that often. so listen to those voices now, and jump right in, sister. come in & get it… it won’t be here long once news spreads of this wonderful little sale. so go through your mental checklist now… hmm, furniture, art, accessories, anything? anything? a new dress, a necklace for that little spring fling? oh, aunt mabel’s birthday is coming up… did i mention that EVERYTHING is on sale? that means regularly-priced as well as previously-reduced merchandise. oh me, oh my!

and by the way… i don’t want to distract you from your mental checklist, but i just want to say that we completely appreciate all the support you’ve given us over the years. we’ve always been a family business and we consider you (yes, you!) part of our sage creek family. i suppose that is one of the many beauties of a locally-owned business – – we really do care to be a part of your life and we invite you to be a part of ours. so please stop in & say hello from time to time. or click right over there on your right, and subscribe to get these blog postings via email, so you won’t miss one little tidbit of inspiration we are so lovingly trying to provide. and for our far-away friends, the ones that don’t get to enjoy the sights, scents & sounds of the brick & mortar boutique… well, the good news is, that our very much anticipated website is back in design-mode and should be launched in about a month (but this time we won’t jinx ourselves with a countdown.)

{the small print: take an additional 20% off all regular priced merchandise & all previously-reduced merchandise for three short days: friday, february 5th – sunday, february 7th, 2010. sorry, but no additional discounts will be given on purchases made prior to february 5th.}